Sofia Figueiredo, a scientist at the University of Heidelberg, is President of the ASPPA Executive Council.

The ASPPA (Association of Portuguese Postgraduates in Germany e.V.), founded in 2012, is an independent and non-profit organization with the ultimate purpose of representing, promoting and defending the interests of Portuguese-speaking Portuguese residing in Germany. The main goals of this association are to stimulate the interaction of the community of Portuguese with academic degree residing in Germany with the German and Portuguese academic and business universe, promoting mobility and employability; strengthen the position and influence of the community of these Portuguese with the German and Luso-descendant population; disseminate the successes and achievements of this community; to support the integration of new members of the Association into German society, as well as assist their potential return to Portugal.

Above all, ASPPA aims to be a space for discussion, open and permeable to the contribution of all stakeholders, where it seeks to define the strategies and actions that best fit the aspirations of the community it seeks to represent.