3rd edition EurAfrican Forum – In search for a common ground

With the theme “In search for a common ground”, the Forum that promotes the relations of the European and African continent through the power of the diasporas, will take place on July 2 and 3 of July, at NOVA SBE.

Portugal is a “fully democratic country”

Portugal moved up in the Democracy Index produced annually by The Economist magazine, from a “flawed democracy” to a “fully democratic country”, it was announced.

Biotechnology center inaugurated in Porto

The building that houses the Alchemy project team, made up of researchers from the Catholic University and the Amyris company, was inaugurated this month. The team develops new molecules from waste that has high commercial interest.

Spanish press praises the “prodigious” decade of Portugal

From rescue to surplus; from the abandonment of the historic center of Lisbon to its tourist explosion. The Spanish press speaks about the decade of the ‘small country on the periphery of Europe’, which for a prodigious decade has increased its prestige abroad.

Incentive for filming in Portugal has already attracted 40 productions

“We have had 40 projects supported in just over a year and a half,” explained Manuel Claro, explaining that “it is almost unanimous” among international producers “the quality of the Portuguese technical and artistic teams in this type of work”.

Portugal improves technological innovation, according to World Economic Forum

Portugal remained in 34th position in the World Economic Forum’s world competitiveness ranking, which analyzed 141 economies, due to methodological changes with global impact. Nevertheless, Portugal has improved above all in technological innovation.

Portugal reaches the best ever ranking in tourism competitiveness ranking

Beyond the 12th place in the world, the World Economic Forum report indicates that Portugal is eighth in the European ranking, achieving the best result ever. The country leads in Tourism Infrastructures.

UN report places Portugal among the 30 most sustainable countries in the world

A report made by independent scientists to the United Nations (UN) on sustainable development for 2019, places Portugal in 26th place out of a total of 162 countries evaluated.

Eight Portuguese institutions in the best business schools in the world

Within the Portuguese Business Schools, Universidade Nova de Lisboa is the one with the best ranking. The eight Portuguese institutions were awarded Excellency Palms by the Business Schools Ranking by Eduniversal rating agency.

Portugal has two more monuments in the list of World Heritage of UNESCO

The Palace of Mafra and the Sanctuary of Bom Jesus in Braga were classified as World Heritage. The monuments included “the 36 nominations for inclusion on the World Heritage List”, which were evaluated at the 43rd Session of the UNESCO Heritage Committee.

Portugal is a leader in innovative SMEs in the European Union

Last year, Portugal was a leader in the European Union (EU) in the area of ​​innovative small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), according to data revealed by the European Commission, nevertheless obtaining a “moderate innovative” country classification.

Foreign service centers are already worth 55 thousand jobs in Portugal

The multinationals that hold service centers from the north to the south of the country have already created more than 55 thousand work places in Portugal. The data is from the Agência para o Investimento e Comércio Externo de Portugal (AICEP) and represent more than 1% of the countries jobs.

Portugal considered the “Best Sustainable Destination in Europe”

There are eight concrete reasons that placed Portugal on the peak of the European sustainable destinations, a distinction attributed during the ITB Berlim, considered the main International Tourism Fare.

Ministry of Culture and Google conserve Portuguese artworks digitally

More than 3 thousand pieces, such as Painéis de São Vicente, that are the major scanning made by Google, “with more than 140 billion pixels”, became available online in a partnership with the Sate.

Textiles and clothing exportations reach record in 2018

Spain heads the raking of the main Portuguese exportation destinations, with a share of 31,9%. Italy was the destination with the biggest growth, with 6,2% from the total of the sector exportations.

Portugal has the 6th world’s most powerful passport

The international ranking Henley Passport Index 2019 considers the number of countries in each passport that allows to entry in a country without a visa, meaning that the Portuguese people son’t need visa in 185 countries.

Portuguese is now taught on the United Nations

The Portuguese language is now one of the taught languages at the International United Nations International School, in New York.

Portugal is the country with the best climate policies

Portugal is among the countries with best climate performances, being on the 14th position from a list of 57 analyzed countries, one position up comparing to 2017. In one of the parameters about climate policies that integrates the global index, he got the first place.

Shooting in Portugal is a growing business

The 14 approved projects, on the scope of the tax benefits of shooting raising in Portugal, are predicting a total investment of  23,7 million euros on the country, said an official source of the Ministry of Culture.

Portuguese among the countries who consume more renewable energies

Portugal conquered the bronze medal, being the third European Union country with the biggest  rate of its energetic necessities to be satisfied with renewable energy. 

Azores to host NASA Space Apps Challenge

Lagoa, in São Miguel island, is going to host, for the first time in Azores, the international competition International Space Apps Challenge, promoted by NASA from october 19 to 21.

Portugal on top 10 of democracies world ranking

The report places Portugal in tenth place among the liberal democracies, where not only there is a formally democratic political system but also the rights and freedoms of the population are respected. .

Portuguese ceramics are international tendency

A “cult hit”, a tendency for the millennials (young people born between the 80’s and the end of the 90’s): this is how the British newspaper The Guardian talks about the Portuguese ceramics of Bordalo Pinheiro, the historical brand native from Caldas da Rainha. .

Discovered a way to fight infertility

The Portuguese research team detected an integral protein that promotes the compatibility between the maternal and paternal chromosomes after the fertilization, envisioning a new approach to the infertility diagnosis.

Portuguese universities stand out on research

There are a range of Portuguese universities among the distinguished ones on the world rankings, and their real strength is the quality of the scientific research.

EU supports PALOP and Timor with 26M

The European Union will provide 26 million euros to the Portuguese African Countries and Timor-Leste (PALOP-TL) to foster the employment on the cultural and reform of the public finance management sectors, announced the organization. 

Lisbon wants photovoltaic central until 2020

The Municipality of Lisboa announced that intends that the capital have a photovoltaic central until 2020, at the landfill of Vale do Forno, to supply electrical vehicles and reduce fossil energy on the city. 

António Vitorino elected director-general for IOM

The Portuguese António Vitorino was elected director-general for International Organization for Migration (IOM).

Portugal and Canada will sign agreement on young mobility

The Portuguese and Canadian governments will sign an agreement about the student and work mobility for young people between 18 and 25 years old, said the Secretary of State for the Portuguese Communities.

Portugal is the 22nd most attractive country for foreign investment

Portugal entered for the first time the top 25 most attractive countries in the world foreign direct investment. According to AT Kearney, the country is on top of Norway, Austria and Brazil.

Portugal to provide Portuguese training to AfDB staff

To help unlock economic growth, the African Development Bank (AfDB) is coordinating the implementation of an integrated development strategy for Portuguese-speaking countries in Africa.

The best olive oil in the world is Portuguese

The best olive oil in the world is made in Portugal. It is the light green olive oil produced by Sociedade Agrícola Vale do Ouro, in Ferreira do Alentejo.

Portuguese women lead in science

According to OECD, Portugal is on the top of the list with more women trained in sciences, technologies and mathematics with 57%, ahead of the organization’s average.

Vodafone invests in youth and digital

Technologic group launches “What will you be?”, the major world program orientated to train young people in digital jobs.

2017, the best year for the tourism in Portugal

Turism in Portugal is living the best moment ever and its effects on economy are undeniable.

Portuguese cities lead in renewables

Porto, Fafe, Moita and Braga among the European cities that uses the most electricity produced by renewable energy.

António Guterres, Honoris Causa

The United Nations Secretary General was distinguished with “Honoris Causa” title by the University of Lisbon.

Joana Vasconcelos in Guggenheim

The next exposition of the Portuguese artist opens to the public on the 9th June in Bilbau, becoming the first Portuguese in the Guggenheim Museum.

José Avillez wins a gastronomy award

The Chef José Avillez received one of the most prestigious awards in the world, the Grand Prix de L’Art de La Cuisine.

Portugal renews partnerships with USA

The programs between Portugal and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the University of Texas, in Austin, and the Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) will be renewed for more ten years, revealed the Portuguese ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education.

Cascais featured in Las Vegas

The municipality of Cascais, the first Portuguese autarchy to be in the biggest technology exhibition, was appointed as an example of technology solutions for “smart cities”.

Portugal in Hollywood productions

Turismo de Portugal and Instituto do Cinema e do Audiovisual are going to offer tax incentives to productions.