Company: Fundação Francisco Manuel dos Santos

Country: Portugal

Field: Citizenship

David Lopes is member of the Executive Commission of the Francisco Manuel dos Santos Foundation (FFMS), Administrator of Oceanário de Lisboa and consultor for Daymon Worldwide, a world leader company on the development of brands for great consume.

Graduated in Corporate Organization and Management, he leaded the international area of Daymon Worldwide, being responsible for the international ‘joint ventures’, business development and and expansion in American Latin, Europe, Africa and emergent markets.

He was previously the general director of Daymon Portugal during three years, being also responsible for the team the established the center that would become the base of the north-american company in Europe. He changed to this position to exercise functions of CEO of Recheio Cash & Carry, a Portuguese market leader grossest, before joining again Daymon in his current position.

His path also includes leadership positions in Biedronka company, in Poland, part of the Jerónimo Martins Group, and in the Municipal Chamber of Lisbon, having been member of the Administration Council of the Expo Park, of the Oceanário de Lisboa and of the Gil Foundation.

He is one of the founding-members of the Portuguese Diaspora Council.

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