Company: Benjamin | Ocean Participações

Country: Brazil

Field: Economy

Rita de Sousa Coutinho is the founder and CEO of Ocean Participações, Investimento e Consultoria, and business partner of Benjamin A Padaria, an innovative bakery in the brazilian market.

She worked in retail companies such as Grupo Pão de Açucar, in Brazil, as CEO of Negócio Proximidade and Jerónimo Martins Group, in Portugal and Brazil, where she was Pingo Doce Trade and Marketing Director and New Business Director. Rita Coutinho is graduated in Business Management and Administration for Universidade Católica Portuguesa, has an MBA in Management for the INSEAD, and she attended AMP182 and Women on Boards: Succeeding as a Corporate Director of Harvard Business School, being Alumni of both institutions.

She is a member is the Portuguese Diaspora Council since May 2018.