December 1, 2014

SUKUKS conference – Islamic Law

The Portuguese Diaspora Council launched in the past 1st December 2014 a conference about the  Islamic Finance Law (Sharia): Sukuks.

The Portuguese Diaspora Council launched, on the 1st December 2014, a conference about the Islamic Finance Law (Sharia): Sukuks. This conference main goal was to present and discuss alternative financial methods through Islamic Funds.

The agenda included speakers from HSBC, SABIC and Novo Banco, and had a debate panel moderated by the Portuguese Diaspora Council.

According to the Council Chairman, Filipe de Botton, interviewed by Diário Económico: “One of the missions of the Council is to disclose new ideas to Portugal. We understand that the Islamic funding issue wasn’t  well-known in Portugal and we thought that this was an important opportunity to the big Portuguese companies, for the government and for Portugal to understand what is the Islamic funding, the ‘sukuks’ and everything about that. This is the function of the Portuguese Diaspora Council, to bring knowledge and new ideas and try to promote in Portugal different ways to fund companies”.

We can check the presentations of the 3 speakers here:

-NOVO BANCO, José João Guilherme (HERE)

– HSBC Bank, Mohammed Dawood (HERE)

– SABIC, Moazzam Khan (HERE)

By The Portuguese Diaspora Council, December 2014