May 6, 2024

EurAfrican Forum 2024 | July 15th & 16th

The seventh edition of the EurAfrican Forum 2024 will be held on the 15th and 16th of July at NOVA SBE, Carcavelos, Portugal, under this year’s theme “Africa: The Next Chapter – Partnering for Growth”.

The EurAfrican Forum is an action-oriented platform that seeks to strengthen collaboration between Europe and Africa, enhancing shared green and inclusive growth, unveiling innovative business and social impact investment opportunities, as well as generating more synergies between both innovation models. Constituted by groundbreakers, opinion leaders, dreamers and mavericks who are shaping today’s Africa, the forum brings together the “Euro-African Community Network”.

This year, the forum will bring together prominent European and African personalities for a lively and inclusive debate, sharing ideas and proposals of common interest for both continents, in the following areas:

  • Geopolitics: Challenges and Opportunities;
  • Energy and Mining: Energy Access and Natural Resource Management for Sustainable Development;
  • Women Entrepreneurs and Female Representation: Closing the Equity Gap;
  • Education: E-School Programmes to Boost Access to Primary and Superior Education;
  • Agrobusiness: Public and Private Investment for Food Security;
  • Digitalisation: Security, Access and Innovation in the Digital Age;
  • Investment: Financial Development for Economic Growth and Resilience in the Global Market;
  • Infrastructures and Urbanism: The Challenges and Opportunities of the New Urban Agenda;
  • Sports: Fostering Integration and Sustainable Development;
  • Health: Strengthening the Efficiency of Systems and Fostering the Qualification of the Workforce.

Visit the event’s official website for more information.