January 4, 2019

World Bank reinforces support to CPLP African countries

Manuela Ferro, the Diaspora Counselor that supervises the financial corporate policies at the World Bank, talked about the support of this institution to the CPLP African countries in an interview to Lusa agency news.

In every [African] CPLP countries we will strengthen the financing”, stated to Lusa, the World Bank economist.

According to the Portuguese responsible, the World Bank has recently registered “a big increase on the demand of financing, both from banks that lend with low interest rates in poor countries and from the countries that are developing, between 1.500 USD per capita until 7.000 or 8.000 USD per capita”.

“This happens because there is an global increase on the interest rates and the needs are huge, mainly in Africa, and also in CPLP countries”, explained Manuela Ferro.

“Regarding the demand, we have large programs in Mozambique, increasing programs in Angola, because we are trying to support the reforms that are being made (…), in important fields”, exemplified.

In the case of São Tomé and Príncipe, “there aren’t high volumes, but the potential impact is very high”. The responsible added that the World Bank works in those countries in partnership with the Portuguese government “in many activities, namely in education”.

Globally, the aim is “to empower the support to water and sanitation programs, that are really important to the children health and to the human development in many of these CPLP countries”, highlighted.

About the economic perspectives to the member-States of CPLP, Manuela Ferro, considered that “the economic factors are a result of two vectors: global and global conditions”.


By Jornal Económico and Lusa, December 2018