February 5, 2020

Forbes lists the 10 stars of the diaspora

Five members of the Portuguese Diaspora are appointed by Forbes Portugal as some of the stars in the diaspora: Luís Amaral, Inês Caldeira, Nuno Sebastião, Paulo Junqueiro and Pedro Pereira da Silva.

More and more Portuguese are winning across borders, in the most different areas and countries. The February 2020 edition of Forbes Portugal magazine named the 10 stars of the Portuguese diaspora, including the following Counselors of the Portuguese Diaspora:

Luís Amaral, Executive President of Eurocash

He is one of the wealthiest Portuguese, 8th place in the 2019 list of Forbes. Majority shareholder of the Polish wholesaler Eurocash and of the producer and distributor of drinks Stock Spirits, he is also one of the most discreet Portuguese in the diaspora, without major media appearances. He was managing director of Jerónimo Martins in Poland since 1994, manager of retail brands such as Biedronka and the wholesaler Eurocash, which he acquired from the holding company in 2003. He made this company listed on the Warsaw stock exchange in 2004, maintaining in his hands 44% of the capital. He is also the largest shareholder in the digital newspaper Observador. He has a degree in Management from the Catholic University, a course he completed in 1984.

Inês Caldeira, Managing Director of L’Óreal Thailand, Vietnam and Laos

An entire career at L’Óreal and a constant and tenacious effort made her reach the top of the ladder in Portugal, where she was general director of the cosmetics company from 2014. Before that, she was Marketing director for the Spanish operation, 2010 and 2014, years of deep crisis. She achieved good results here and has led the Thai operation since 2018, managing the markets in Thailand, Vietnam and Laos. She was considered one of the most powerful Portuguese women in the business world by Forbes magazine, ranking 18th in the 2019 list.

Nuno Sebastião, CEO of Feedzai

What was a start-up in Coimbra founded by three friends in 2011, has become a candidate for a unicorn (over a billion dollars worth) with Nuno at the helm and a third of the capital in the hands of the Portuguese trio. One of the investors, Steven McLaughlin, says that Feedzai will be the Facebook of Artificial Intelligence and the fight against fraud in financial services. The engineer, who has worked at the European Space Agency, is more than two-thirds of his time in the USA, where he took his family and also Feedzai – which already has offices in Atlanta, San Mateo and New York, as well as Portugal and China.

Paulo Junqueiro, Director-General of Sony Music Brail

He has led Sony’s Brazilian branch since April 2015, after a long journey through Vera Cruz’s lands that began in 1985, when he moved to Rio de Janeiro. He enters the music industry in Brazil, working first as a sound engineer and then through the door of the Warner publishing house, where he was director of artists and repertoire. Between then and there, he held the positions of A&R director at EMI Portugal and Brazil in the 1990s and 2000s. Between 2012 and 2015, he was also general manager of Sony Music Portugal.

Pedro Pereira da Silva, Managing Director of Pick n ‘Pay Retail

Since January 2018 at the second largest retailer in South Africa, Pedro runs a group with 2.74 billion euros invoiced from January to September 2019, in close to 1900 super and hypermarkets, pharmacies and other stores. Previously, the economist chaired the Dixy Group, a Moscow-based retailer, and led Jerónimo Martins in Poland (where he founded the Poland-Portugal Chamber of Commerce) and Colombia. He was manager of Feira Nova, Pingo Doce and supermarkets in Madeira. Holds commendations in Portugal, Poland and Colombia.

By Forbes Portugal and Conselho da Diáspora Portuguesa, February 2020