January 10, 2019

Portugal has the 6th world’s most powerful passport

The international ranking Henley Passport Index 2019 considers the number of countries in each passport that allows to entry in a country without a visa, meaning that the Portuguese people son’t need visa in 185 countries.

Portugal has the sixth world’s most powerful passport in 2019. This means that  its holders can entry without a visa in 185 countries, the same number as the holders of North-American, English, Austrian, Deutsche, Swedish and Norwegian passports – and only in less than five countries than the Japanese people, whose citizens have open frontiers in 190 countries.

Those positions are part of the last international ranking related to 2019 – Henley Passport Index – that periodically evaluates the capacity of the passports in the world, taking in consideration the number of countries that allows the access with the need of a visa.

Japan and Singapure (189) maintain the two first places on the ranking, followed by France and Germany, whose passports allows to enter without visa in 188 countries; Denmark, Finland, Italy and Sweeden (187); and Luxembourg and Spain.  Behind Portugal on this top 10 are countries such as Belgium, Canada, Greece, Ireland, Check Republic, Malta, Australia, Iceland and New Zealand.

The Henley & Partners President, Christian Kalin, who created this index, says that the ranking is a positive aspect in an increasingly isolationist world. “The generalized dissemination of open doors policies has the potential of contributing with billions for the global economy, besides creating significantly job opportunities in the world”, highlighted.

By Diário de Notícias, January 2019