September 13, 2019

Portugal reaches the best ever ranking in tourism competitiveness ranking

Beyond the 12th place in the world, the World Economic Forum report indicates that Portugal is eighth in the European ranking, achieving the best result ever. The country leads in Tourism Infrastructures.

Portugal ranked 12th overall in the Tourism Competitiveness Index and even ranked first in the Tourism Infrastructure category of the 2019 Tourism Competitiveness Report, prepared by the World Economic Forum (WEF). The data released this Wednesday also indicate that the country is eighth in the European ranking, thus rising compared to 2013 and reaching the best result ever.

The study, which is carried out every two years, had, in 2017, placed Portugal in 14th place in terms of global competitiveness. Now the country has risen to 12th place in 140 countries evaluated. In the category where the country ranked first – the Tourist Infrastructure – the World Economic Forum highlights in its report the “exceptional hotel density, ATM and the high quality of tourist infrastructure” existing in Portugal, which has surpassed countries such as Austria, United States and Spain.

The Secretary of State for Tourism stressed the importance of this report as “a reference instrument for investors”. “Investors often look at this report as a country benchmark for the investment decision, meaning it also helps us to make Portugal one of the top countries to invest in,” added Ana Mendes Godinho.

In the category of natural and cultural resources, Portugal rose from 20th place to 15th, in a ranking that in this parameter is dominated by China. In the case of air transport, Portugal rose ten places compared to 2017, now occupying 21st place. Already in the category of rapid adoption of technologies, the country went from 41 to 38, while in the prioritization of tourism now occupies the 12th place and security ninth place. “This result is a reflection of the work that everyone has been doing in terms of investment, in the requalification we have done of all our resources,” said the Secretary of State, adding that “it is a great victory for all those working in tourism. because they have been making this investment. ”

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By Observador, September 2019