May 7, 2018

Portuguese cities lead in renewables

Porto, Fafe, Moita and Braga among the European cities that uses the most electricity produced by renewable energy.

According to CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project), in Porto, Fafe, Moita and Braga, more than 70% of electricity comes from renewable sources.

Between eight Portuguese cities that reported their data to CDP, Fafe is the champion in the use of renewable energy. According to 2017 data, every electric energy consumed in this city was obtained through renewable energy.

This is followed by Braga (79%), Porto (75,3%), Moita (73,1%) and Cascais (73%), in the list of the ones that at least 70% of electricity comes from renewable sources. The published data is given by the cities. In Europe, only 21 cities are in the list of 101. More than a half is from Latin America (57%) – 47 are Brazilian.

CDP is a non-lucrative organization that promotes data diffusion about the environmental impact of cities and companies.

“Cities are responsible about 70% of carbon dioxide emissions and there is a great potential to lead and construct a sustainable economy”, says Kyra Appleby, one of CDP directors.

By Público, March 2018