July 9, 2018

Diaspora Council and Lusa sign a protocol

The Portuguese Diaspora Council and Lusa, the Portuguese News Agency, signed a protocol to “encourage a bigger contact bewteen the portuguese people” living abroad. 

On the eve of the first edition of the Eurafrican Forum, that will take place in Cascais, the President of the Board of the Portuguese Diaspora Council and the President of Lusa, the Portuguese News Agency signed an agreement that aims to be “a mechanism and an important partnership” between both institutions, said the responsible for that non-governmental organization, Filipe de Botton.

“The Portuguese Diaspora Council is present in 25 countries, has 94 active members in many fields, and the possibility of making the counselor’s message through Lusa to other receivers namely in Portugal, and is present in 25 countries, has 94 members of many fileds, and the possibility of spreading the counselor’s message, through Lusa, to other receivers namely in Portugal, to have the possibility to create and encourage a bigger contact between the Portuguese that live abroad and the ones that live on the country”, stated the President of the Board of the Portuguese Diaspora Council, Filipe de Botton.

During the ceremony, the responsible for that structure that aims to join the portuguese boards on the outside, affirmed the this agreement with Lusa is “an accreditation of the work that the Council has been performing”.

The signature took place at Estoril Congress Center that will receive the first EurAfrican Forum, which mains ambition is to “enhance the economic and social development and to promote the confidence between Europe and Africa”.

“Lusa has as mission promoting somehow the Portuguese communities, its diaspora and lusophony. From the external view are two areas that Lusa has to privilege its action and it is embedded on the contract with the State”, said the Chairman of the Board of Lusa, Nicolau Santos.

According to the journalist, “Lusa wants, within its goals, to have a major implementation in Africa”, searching for “the spread of news, audios, videos, that are important to the clients in the world”.

The first Eurafrican Forum will gather together African and European leaders, such as Mariéme Jamme, Founder of I Am The Code; Sophia Bekele, Founder & CEO of CBS International and DotConnectAfrica Group; Kola Karim, CEO & Group Managing Director of Shoreline Energy; Hitesh Anadkat, President of First Merchant Bank; Saran Kaba Jones, Founder and CEO FACE Africa and Manuel Mota, CEO of Mota-Engil África, among others.

The forum will have as chairman José Manuel Durão Barroso.

By Lusa, July 2018