February 17, 2019

Textiles and clothing exportations reach record in 2018

Spain heads the raking of the main Portuguese exportation destinations, with a share of 31,9%. Italy was the destination with the biggest growth, with 6,2% from the total of the sector exportations.

The Portuguese textiles and clothing exportations summed up 5.314 million euros in 2018, the highest ever value and a 2% growth in the face of 2017, announced this friday the Associação Têxtil e Vestuário de Portugal (ATP).

Based on the data released by Instituto Nacional de Estatística (INE), ATP highlights the home textiles and other articles manufactured with the category “more dynamic”, with the exportations increasing 5%, while the exportations of textil and clothing materials  increased 1,4%.

Such as in 2017, Spain headed the ranking on the main Portuguese exportations destinations of textile and clothing, with a share of 31,9%, in spite of having registered a fall of 3,9%, in other words, less than 68 million euros regarding the previous year.

Italy, on the other side, was the destination that grew the most, with a growth of  85 million euros (+ 34,8%), representing now 6,2% of the total exportations of the sector. It is followed by the Netherlands, to where Portugal exported more that 24 million euros (+12,2%) and China, with an increasing of 22 million euros (+62,1%).

According to ATP, on the ranking of the main five Portuguese exportation destinations in this sector, we should mark the exportations fall to the United Kingdom (less than 13,6 million euros). In the past, the trade balance on the textile and clothing sector was 1.006 million euros, with a coverage rate of 123%.

By Observador, February 2019