Diogo Caldas


  • Company Refriango
  • Country Angola
  • Sector Food

Diogo Caldas has a degree in Administration and Management from the Catholic University. He started his career at Nike, having assumed responsibilities in the Commercial and Operations area.
In 2011, he joined the NuviGroup in Angola, where he led the launch of the Kinda Home brand.
In 2013, he was invited to join the Executive Committee of NuviGroup, where he combined with the General Management of Kinda Home, the group’s Operations portfolios (Refriango and Reviva), Engineering and Projects.
While Executive Director of Nuvigroup, he led the development of the Refriango industrial complex
He started a greenfield beer project with the construction of a factory.
In 2018 he was named CEO of Refriango
He has been a member of the Portuguese Diaspora Council since December 2022.