Eduardo Belmiro do Couto


  • Company Solarialize RO SRL
  • Country Romania
  • Sector Energy

Eduardo Belmiro do Couto is currently CEO of Solarialize, he is also Auditor of the National Defense and professor of Industrial Engineering at the University of Aveiro.
Eduardo was manager of the order of engineers, specializing in engineering and industrial management. Throughout his career, Belmiro do Couto worked for several internationally recognized companies, such as Philips and Telecom, among others. He was also councilor of the Aveiro Chamber and has collaborated, since 1998, with the Martifer Group.
With a degree in electronic engineering, Eduardo completed several specializations in the fields of management, industrial engineering and energy, with a PhD in Marketing and Strategy.
Eduardo Belmiro Couto has been a member of the Portuguese Diaspora Council since December 2022.