Francisco Ferreira


  • Company International Investment Bank S.A.
  • Country Cape Verde
  • Sector Investment

Francisco Ferreira is an executive with a proven track record in international financial markets and start-up business initiatives. His leadership approach is hands-on, focused on empowering teams to drive innovation and achieve relevant results. With a strong focus on people-centered business development, I have consistently initiated and expanded business models, delivering superior risk-adjusted returns.

Since 2020, he has served as CEO of International Investment Bank, S.A. (Cape Verde), leading a transformative journey centered on growth and efficiency. Under his leadership, they have implemented a distinctive new corporate culture and identity, robust policies and governance to ensure operational excellence, restructured the organization for agility and driven business development efforts.

Previously a Business Development Consultant, he specialized in facilitating international trade flows, involving the management and monitoring of projects and trade flows associated with sub-Saharan African countries.

As a Consultant, responsible for leading Gemcorp Group’s Business Development for Africa, he specialized in driving international growth on the African continent. His main responsibilities included establishing, maintaining and developing new markets, identifying business opportunities, driving growth by implementing innovative strategies, generating leads and negotiating contractual terms, building and nurturing trusting relationships with sovereigns, state-owned enterprises and companies, facilitating opportunities and ensuring the successful execution of projects.

As Head of Financial Institutions and Proprietary Trader at Banco ATLÂNTICO Europa, he was responsible for establishing, maintaining and developing institutional relationships with counterparties, managing Nostro/Vostro accounts and executing the correspondent banking business, developing products and services linked to international trade, assessing treasury needs and optimizing financial solutions for clients, implementing prudent risk management practices and monitoring credit limits, developing strategic plans for the department’s growth. As a Proprietary Trader, he was responsible for supporting the ALCO Committee, developing investment strategies in various asset classes, including money market, G10 FX and fixed income assets, defining the active and passive rate curve, considering alternative interest rates and liquidity scenarios in a dynamic system of interrelated accounts. He also created the structuring desk, responsible for originating structured investment solutions, improving the portfolio management approach, optimizing the average cost of financing and hedging risks, providing access to benefits arising from the use of derivatives for investors, improving their investment opportunities.

Francisco Ferreira has been a member of the Portuguese Diaspora Council since April 2024.