Gonçalo Duarte Silva


  • Company Hotel Shangri-la
  • Country Malasya
  • Sector Hospitality

Currently, Gonçalo Duarte Silva is General Manager of Shangri-la Hotel Kuala.
With extensive experience in the hotel sector at an international level, Gonçalo Duarte Silva has served as General Manager of the Sheraton, in Warsaw; at the Sheraton & Westin Real de Faula, on the Costa Blanca; at Six Sigma, in Portugal and Spain, and at the Westin Palace, in Madrid.
From an academic point of view, Duarte Silva holds a degree in Hotel Management from the Porto School of Hospitality and Tourism, with a postgraduate degree from the Glion Hotel School.
Gonçalo Duarte Silva has been a member of the Portuguese Diaspora Council since December 2022.