Jonas Rolo

Chairman Dubai & ME

  • Company Changer Club
  • Country Qaṭar
  • Sector Investment

Jonas Rolo has a successful 25-year corporate career in technology multinationals such as Siemens, Portugal Telecom Group, Amazon and Ooredoo, where he has accumulated vast experience in leading international teams and managing global programs with multidisciplinary teams. In parallel, over the last 15 years, he has taken on the role of Senior Angel Investor in technology startups, participating in various stages of investment, from seed to Series C. He also contributes as a board member or board advisor to startups and SMEs.

Academically, he has a degree in Industrial Engineering from NOVA Faculty of Science and Technology and an MBA in Business Administration from NOVA School of Business and Economics.

Jonas Rolo has been a member of the Portuguese Diaspora Council since April 2024.