Luís Amaral


  • Company Eurocash
  • Country Poland
  • Sector Retail

Luís Amaral graduated in corporate management for the Portuguese Catholic University, in 1984. He started his career at Unilever where he performed many positions in Marketing and Sales. With 28 years old he was Administrator for the Entreposto Comercial Importador Nissan and Subaru, in Marketing, Sales and Logistics.

In 1994, he went to Poland as Country Manager of the group Jerónimo Martins where he built the chains Biedronka and Eurocash until 1999, and constructed the position of market leader that Jerónimo Martins occupies today.

Between 2000 and 2003 he goes back to Poland where he organizes a “Management Buyout” (MBO) to buy Eurocrash (wholesale market) in Jerónimo Martins group. Since then, Eurocrash was quoted in Varsovia’s stock exchange, grew 20 times for a business volume of 5.000 million euros, becoming leader in the wholesale food sector and 6th biggest Polish company in sales volume. The Eurocash group is in the “Wig 20”, the main index of Varsove’s stock exchanged with an approximately value of 1.500 million euros and employs near 12.000 people.

Since 2016, Luís Amaral became activist investor in “Stock Spirits” quoted in London where he is the main shareholder and has been pressuring for important changes in the management.

He is also the founder and major shareholder in the online Portuguese newspaper “Observador”, besides being the founder of Girl Move Foundation, that develops works in girls and women’s education and leadership in Mozambique.

Along his career, Luís Amaral has been distinguished with many prizes highlighting “Leader Polski Business” in 2012 by Forbes Magazine in Poland and in 2016 the career award by Portuguese Catholic University.

He has been a member of the Portuguese Diaspora Council since 2013.