November 23, 2018

2nd Edition ‘Diaspora Talks’

The 2nd Edition of ‘Diaspora Talks’ will take place on December 20, 2018, at LACS – Communitivity of Creators, in Lisbon, to talk about genetics, entrepreneurship, personal branding and social impact.

Current issues with highlight figures of the Portuguese diaspora, addressed to a young and entrepreneur target that wishes to get to know the successful and unsuccessful stories and international experiences, followed by a private ‘get together’ with the Counselors.


14:00 – 14:30  Check-In

14:30 – 15:10  Session 1 – “What does our genetics says?”, with George Perry, Main Alzheimer’s Disease Researcher and Professor at UTSA, (USA) and Tiago Fleming Outeiro, Experimental Neurodegeneration Director at the University Medical Center Goettingen (Germany).

15:15 – 15:55  Session 2 – Investing and Risk Taking for Success, with Nuno Sebastião, Co-Founder and CEO of FeedZai (USA) and John Melo, CEO of Amyris Biotechnologies (USA).

16:00 – 16:40  Session 3 – Personal Branding: a criação de uma marca pessoal, with Nuno Teles, President at Diageo Beer Company (USA), João Coutinho, Executive Creative Director at Young & Rubican (USA) and Zita Martins, Astrobiolgist at IST and part of the Japanese space mission Hayabusa2 (Portugal).

16:45 – 17:25  Session 4 – Actions with Social Impact, with Telma Teixeira da Silva, Founder of ‘Escola do Agricultor’ and CEO of Panavídeo MZ (Mozambique), Manuel de Miranda, Partner-Manager and Founder at Egon Zehnder (USA) and the guest sepaker António Miguel, Co-founder of MAZE Decoding Impact (Portugal).

17:30 – 18:00  ‘Get together’ with Diaspora Counselors

All sessions will be recorded and broadcasted for the Portuguese Diaspora Council’s Youtube channel, capturing the images and interventions of all participants in the room.

Registrations HERE.

The number of participants is limited to the room capacity.

On the launch edition, that took place on December 2017, the 1st Edition of Diaspora Talks explored topics such as Science and the promise of a better world; the coexistence of the digital and creativity; the myths and realities about the new careers, and a topic dedicated to the Portuguese diaspora as the new nomads in the world.

By Portuguese Diaspora Council, November 2018