February 13, 2019

Eugénia da Conceição-Heldt on the World Economic Forum

The Portuguese Diaspora Counselor and Reform Rector of the Bavarian School of Public Policy of Technical University of Munich (TUM) was nominated by the World Economic Forum to join its expert network as an expert in European Union.

Eugénia da Conceição-Heldt is now part of the expert network nominated by the World Economic Forum that gathers around 5000 experts from the academic, business, governmental and artistic world, as well as the civil society, who help to shape the global agenda. These experts are challenged to share their vision and research and to get evolved in projects and events, contributing for a reflection about the future, and developing new ideas and challenging the conventional wisdom.

Eugénia da Conceição-Heldt is a member of the Portuguese Diaspora Council since November 2018.

By Portuguese Diaspora Coucnil, February 2019