May 8, 2018

The best olive oil in the world is Portuguese

The best olive oil in the world is made in Portugal. It is the light green olive oil produced by Sociedade Agrícola Vale do Ouro, in Ferreira do Alentejo. The winners of the Mario Solinas award – that is the most prestigious international award of the olive oil industry and attributed by the International Olive Council – were known.

Portugal won, this year, four prizes: besides to refered first prize for the best light green olive oil to Sociedade Agrícola Vale do Ouro,  Portugal also won the second place for a Sovena Olive Oil and two third places for Fitagro and for Elosua, two companies from Ferreira do Alentejo.

There are three awards (first, second and third place) in four categories (intese, medium, light and mature green olive oil).

Spain was the only country the won four distinctions such along with Portugal. Marocco won two and China received for the first time, with a Chinese olive oil being considered the best mature olive oil in the world.

The prizes will be delievered in New York, on June 29.

By Observador, April 2018