Faizal Ussene


  • Company IMEXCO
  • Country Angola
  • Sector Industry

Founder of Evaya Group

Born in Mozambique in 1967, he moved to Portugal in 1974, where he graduated in Eng. Computer science.

Moved to Angola in 1994 where, Elsinore Montano Empresarial, started its activity as a Trader importing food supplies and for the Hospital sector, supplying the main institutions of the Angolan Government until 2002, when with the advent of peace, it decided to enter in other activity fields.

He promoted one of the largest investments by private initiative in the field of industrial parks, building Viana Park in Luanda and the largest aparthotel in the country, MilCidades, in Benguela, among other initiatives.

Since 2016, promotes partnerships with industrial companies with a management deficit, implementing management systems and leading them through an Economic/Financial rescue process to train them and settle existing liabilities.
At the end of the process, the company is returned fully sanitized, with duly trained managers and an active contributor to the industrial and economic fabric, under the motto: “ENABLE TO PROGRESS”

Currently (2023) it has 3 industrial projects in its portfolio and will replicate the process in 7 more agricultural companies with partnerships in Portugal and Brazil.

The future will pass through Africa and the transmission of knowledge is essential for everyone’s success!

He is one of the founding members of the Portuguese Diaspora Council.