João Barbosa

Managing Partner

  • Company AIR&D
  • Country United Kingdom
  • Sector Retail

João Barbosa has 34 years of experience in management, in retail management, consumer research, sales, marketing and retail consultancy. He has experience in different types of businesses, having worked for local and multinational organizations.

Over the years, João Barbosa has developed a diverse professional experience, which has focused on a wide range of industries, products and services, including consumer goods, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, sports, entertainment, consumer technology, clothing and food retail, among many others.

He worked at the Jerónimo Martins Group, in Portugal; at Kodak Iberia/Kodak Europe, in Madrid, where he held positions as Business Unit Manager and European Retail Coordinator; by ONI Telecom, in Portugal, where he was Executive Director of UCALL; and currently works as a Managing Partner at AIR&D in Portugal and the United Kingdom.

João Barbosa has resided in the United Kingdom since 2004, having previously resided in Spain and, for a considerable time, in Asia.