Rui Faria da Cunha


  • Company Eu-Legal
  • Country Belgium
  • Sector Consulting

Rui Faria da Cunha is the founder of the law firm eu-legal, with offices in Lisbon and Brussels. Based in Brussels since 2003, Rui Faria da Cunha has been a lawyer since 1995 and is registered with the Lisbon and Brussels Bar Associations, practicing in several areas of Portuguese, Belgian and European law, with a cross-border dimension, with the collaboration of a team of independent specialist lawyers.

With a degree in law from the University of Coimbra, Rui Faria da Cunha holds a postgraduate degree in European competition law from King’s College, a master’s degree in European litigation from the Université du Luxembourg, a master’s degree in European law from the European Institute of Public Administration and an Executive Masters in Management from the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management.

In addition to being a lawyer, Rui Faria da Cunha is President of the Belgo-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Member of the Advisory Board of the Consular Section of the Embassy of Portugal in Belgium.

In addition to native Portuguese, Rui Faria da Cunha is fluent in English and French, has a strong command of Spanish and basic notions of Mandarin.