September 9, 2018

Portuguese ceramics are international tendency

A “cult hit”, a tendency for the millennials (young people born between the 80’s and the end of the 90’s): this is how the British newspaper The Guardian talks about the Portuguese ceramics of Bordalo Pinheiro, the historical brand native from Caldas da Rainha.


The British newspaper starts questioning how does a 134-year-old brand is “taking over tables and instagrams” around the world.  Praising the “whimsical, colourful and eccentric” world of these Portuguese creations, the newspaper justifies this new fashion saying that the “grandmother’s home” style is becoming strong, whether it is with a fishy jar, a kale platter or a crochet on the top of the television.

After explaining the history of the brand and its founder – a “subversive and socialist visionary that liked to poke fun at late-19th-century Portuguese society” -, they highlight the sales income, that will led Bordalo Pinheiro to open the two first stores outside of Portugal, one in Paris and the other in Madrid in 2018.

This tendency is gradually visible in Portugal, with more stores selling ceramic animals, vegetables, and fruits from Caldas da Rainha. It is on the outside, however, that is visible the biggest demand increasing, with more than a half million pieces being produced in 2017 /all hand made) to be sold for the outside.


By Observador, September 2018