The Portuguese Diaspora Counselor and founder of EA Ventur, António Gonçalves, participated as speaker on the Economy and Management Days 2019 of University of Minho, on the month of April.

António Gonçalves was a contributor on the session “Alternative Management” that had the interventions of Diogo Oliveira, Natural Gas Market Manager of Simples Energia, and Maria Barros, Executive Administrator of Hospital de Braga.

The Diaspora Counselor was  International Director a ES-KO International Inc., from July 2015 to June 2018, one of the biggest multinationals in logistics and equipment installation difficult access areas  and unstable political situations, having served the biggest world institutions, namely UN, NATO, and many NGO’s and Governments.

Economy and Management Days 2019 of University of Minho are organized by the ADEGE, University of Minho Student Association and NAECUM, the Economy Students Union of University of Minho.



By Portuguese Diaspora Council, May 2019


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