September 13, 2018

Portugal on top 10 of democracies world ranking

The report places Portugal in tenth place among the liberal democracies, where not only there is a formally democratic political system but also the rights and freedoms of the population are respected.


Portugal is on the 10th place on the ranking of the planet’s liberal democracies. The countries concerned are the ones where besides a democratic political system, there is also an actual practice of respect for the rights and freedoms of the citizens. Only Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Switzerland, Denmark, Costa Rica, Finland, Australia and New Zealand are ahead of the country.

According to the newspaper Público, that quotes the annual report of the project Varieties of Democracy (V-Dem), Portugal decreases to the 11th place on the electoral, freedoms and social equality indexes, and is on the 38th place concerning the electoral participation.

The project, launched in 2010, analyses data from 201 countries. The results are obtained through inquiries to more than five thousand people in the world, including researchers and experts, being the coordination in charge of Gothenburg University.

By Diário de Notícias, September 2018